SMEG came together in May 2009 by the efforts of Chocky and Blightster. Both are now retired. They created the clan / community with the main intentions of having a FUN and humorous website and server. We feel we have created both and invite you to join in. Our clan / community pride ourselves on being a hack and cheat free clan / community, and we stream to PBBans.

We at SMEG are a multi cultural Community having members mostly from the UK and Ireland, Scandinavia, Germany, Croatia and as far away as America. Having a laugh is all part and parcel of the SMEG Community.

Clan / Community Founder

Chocky and Blightster started the =SMEG= Community in May 2009, both Community founders are now retired.

Community Leader

The Community Leaders lead the Community on a day to day basis making sure the Community runs smoothly. Community Leaders will consult with members regarding Community strategy and direction. Community Leaders have the final say on all matters.

Senior Admins

The Senior Admins are also made up of very senior members in the organisation. They are the best qualified people in the organisation to enforce server rules. They are active members that moderate the servers at almost all times. They are also the key people that will be relied upon should the Community Leaders not be available for any reason.

Promotion to Senior Admin is at the discretion of the Community Leaders.

Game Server Admin

The Server Admin is almost the same as a Senior Admin’s job. The only difference is that an Admin doesn’t have the experience that all Senior Admins have. Admins have most admin privileges but not all. They are extremely important as all Server Admins have donated towards the cost of the server. They pay so you can play.

Promotion to Server Admin is awarded to donators that contribute to the server and those who we see fit. (Community Leaders discretion if member is worthy of Admin rights)

Community Member

The Community Member is the backbone of the organisation. Without them the organisation would lack stability. Community Members are face of the organization and they help keep it lively and active.

Applications to become a Community Member can be made by submitting an application form by visiting the Community Application Forum once registered to website

Community Recruits

=SMEG= has a recruitment period of approximately 2 weeks, during which a recruit will show that he/she is committed to joining the Community. During this time, the Community will be reviewing how regular a player is, their behaviour on the server and general attitude towards the Communities image and best interests.