First of all please read the Code of Conduct, so you can understand what our community is about:

Racism, sexism, politics, religion, continued abusive language, and general bad behaviour is not accepted and will result in action. We are here to have a laugh but we all need to know where to draw the line. This applies to the server in game and the website.

You must be 18+ years of age to join =SMEG=, most of our members are a wee bit over the hill and the conversation can take more adult themes at times.

We do not cheat, hack, glitch, or do/use anything that would give ourselves an unfair advantage in any multi-player environment and will result in immediate expulsion from the community and a ban.

You MUST have Teamspeak 3 installed. Teamspeak 3 is used for voice communication with other members during the game. Usually for a bit of banter here and there, but what really makes the community work is communicating via TS.

You must be able to READ and POST on our forums, as such, you should be prepared to read and post to the forums when you can. The forums are used to notify members of meetings, community matches, and other important information. So you must be prepared to put the time into the forums. As you will see, a week’s worth of posts take a LONG time to go through; Checking once per day takes about 10 minutes, depending on how many posts you read and reply to. It is understood that you may not be able to check every day, due to family obligations, school, etc.; however, every effort should be made to check the forums.

Its a big part of who we are.

The most important requirement we have is that you MUST AGREE TO ABIDE BY OUR CODE OF CONDUCT. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. We are an honorable community, and take our Code of Conduct VERY seriously. If you do become a member, and are repeatedly found in violation of the Code, you will be expelled from the community.

Once you have read everything, go to the SMEG forum and apply.